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Thou shall not idolise colours


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God is the Originator and creator of everything. Humility. Historical fact. Clarity. Calm. Easy. Truth. Rest.

Holy book of eternal life and healing 1CORINTHIANS Chapter 14: Verse 33 Gregorian Calendar (A.D. 59)

"For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace."

All people are eternal.

Anybody who is not God and makes a law is a Sorcerer, sorcery is made from arrogance and pomp. Any body who preaches death and captivity is a Sorcerer.  Before people were exposed to Sorcery they lived forever, people did not have a life span. God is eternal, all people are created in Gods image, simply believe in God and you are eternal.

Please click on the words that are highlighted with a colour that link to information that put the feelings you are receiving into words. 

What people think is aging is actually Leprosy of the entire body. Leprosy is caused by stress, exzema is another word for Leprosy, hives is another word for Leprosy, arthritis is another word for Leprosy. Leprosy is a Dissing of Ease, DIS EASE, disease. Other meanings in the word disease can be found in the words normal(it is normal to conform/be sick, get the flue, die, think somebody else is going to die, normal to be stressed, normal to deny prayer, normal to deny the existence of God, normal to deny the existence of telepathy and thereby denying peoples prayer, it is normal to accuse, normal to insult or be insulted,  it is normal to disobey God/the originator and creator of everything, normal to make up words to explain the truth because truthful words have been lied about for so long that it is part of a culture called paganism/the medical/clerical community). tele pathy (communicating with thoughts, think into my mind, we think into each others minds, a thought from one mind to another, Prayer), and occult a religious teaching, also in the word psychiatry a religious teaching, magic a religious teaching. All the sicknesses all the diseases all death is disobedience, and from disobeying the originator and creator of everything, you can read about him in the link to information to base some of your belief on. The occult is disobediance, the occult is sorcery, medicine is an occult teaching, all medicine originates from the occult, medicine is sorcery.

If somebody does not follow the laws of God then he has taught to be restored back to eternal life. One of the people God has taught, who is still alive is called Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he recognises his name in alot of different languages. He teaches and heals without medication. So if somehow any body fails to follow Gods Commandments simply believing in Jesus restores eternal life. To learn from Jesus is like learning from God, for Jesus teaches Gods teachings. To follow Gods teachings you will have to teach against people that trick others, teach against psychiatry, a hypocritical teaching of the religion of magic, and against serpent worship (Asklepios, Naga, Manasa), teach against the liars that call themselves Christians and worship Serpents at the same time. Teach against the teachers of competition, teach against the teachers of medicine/occult, teach against the teaching of medicine a practice of the occult, teach against the Hypocrites that follow the hippocratic oath, teach against the liars that follow Hippocrates, teach against the people that teach you have to have sex to heal yourself or somebody else, teach against the teachers of psychiatry and psychology, teach against witch craft, teach against the people that lie that they know when they are guessing, teach against the people who compare who they are learning from to the originator and creator of everything, teach against the people that lie they are Gods, Teach against people that lie that we need plants to heal, teach against the preachers of death, teach against people that teach we cannot live more than nine hundred years, teach against Mans law, teach against the witch made into a Godess called Lady Justice/Justitia/Themis, teach against witches that lie they are not people, and lie they are not witches but Gods, and Godesses. Any body who has not originated and created the earth and says they are a God is a witch. Teach against witches that lie people are mortal. People are eternal. Teach against bullies that lie you are mortal and they are immortal. Teach against the people that teach normality.  Teach against people who do not follow the Ten Commandments, teach against racism, teach against iniquity, teach against people who teach murder, teach against people who teach idolatry, teach against teachers of accusation, teach against people who teach influence, teach against people who teach that lies are truth, Teach against the people that worship mortality (Maat, Thoth, Jupiter/Zeus,Mars, Seshat/Safkhet, Eunomia, Themis), Teach against the prideful, teach against the arrogant, teach against captivity, teach against the people that worship Victory and war, teach against the Sorcerers knowing that God judges against the Sorcerers also, and read on. Teach against the people that teach slander, teach against the teachers of lies. Leprosy is caused by accusing, Leprosy is eczema, lies create stress, stress starts eczema, Sorcerers stress people out so they get leprosy. Sorcerers suppose people to die. They lie that God created us to die at a hundred years old. God created people to live forever. Sorcerers lie that leprosy is not leprosy and that it is just that people were created to die and you were created by God to get wrinkles, shrivel up and die. Gods judgement is against the Sorcerers. Sorcerers think to stress everybody out and start arguments, create iniquity, and influence people to think they are not as smart as the Sorcerers, and perpetuate the lie of mortality, and deny the existence of God by lying and ridiculing. Aging is not aging, it is leprosy of the body. All people are eternal, all people are telepathic, do not think to die. For thousands of years people have spread gossip about what people are. Teach against the people that deny telepathies existence, teach against the tricksters that deny Gods answers to our prayers.

God is still alive and all people are eternal. In English, Gods name is the LORD.

Holy book of eternal life and healing Malachi 3:5 (Gregorian Calendar (397 B.C.)

5 And I will come near to you to judgement; and I will be a swift witness against the Sorcerers  adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive the foreigners among you of justice, but do not fear me,” says the Lord Almighty.

  link to learn more scripture and see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked.